Therapy Services Offered

“Well-being is not simply the absence of problems, but also the presence of strengths.” - Deb Dana

Individual Counseling Sessions

I work with adolescents who are at least 13 years old.

I work with adults.

I do not work with children.

I do not offer family or couples counseling.

Sessions Fees 

Initial consultation - No charge

Intake session - $200 for an 80-minute appointment

Counseling Session - $140 for a 50-minute appointment

Group Counseling - prices will vary by therapeutic group type

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please call, email, or request an appointment here.

I do offer sliding fee options. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Group Counseling and Support

Beginning in early 2023, I will begin to offer therapeutic group counseling, as well as support group opportunities. Please contact me directly for information on the available group opportunities.

Please complete a group interest form to be kept up-to-date on future group offerings.

Story Workshops

Will you learn to tell your story in bold, beautiful, and life-changing ways?

Story workshops offer an opportunity to explore life themes in a small group setting. It can be healing when one explores life in a supportive environment with a trained facilitator to guide the process. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how styles of relating impact communication with others. Teaching time will explore codependent patterns, shame, boundaries, and deeply ingrained beliefs that can lead to relationship stressors. Through teaching and group interactions, participants receive encouragement and support as they come to understand themselves, resulting in more authentic and transformative ways of living. Workshops meet weekly for six weeks and are capped at five participants.

The current offering is for an online Story Group beginning in February 2023. Registration is available here.

Boundaries Group

Using the book Boundaries, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, and the parallel workbook, participants explore why boundaries are so hard to implement, why boundaries are so important, and how to begin to set boundaries in their lives. This group is less therapeutic in nature, as it focuses primarily on skill building. The group runs for meets once a week for eighteen weeks and is capped at six participants. Please note that this book was written from a Christian perspective. The group operates from a higher power perspective and respects the individual spirituality of all participants. 

Codependency Support Group

This group explores how codependent patterns of relating result in problems in our relationships. We explore the ways in which avoidance, denial, control, compliance, and lack of self-esteem lead to patterns of communicating that leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and those we interact with. Participants will begin to identify their personal patterns of codependence and learn ways to move toward a more authentic way of being. This group will also explore childhood experiences that may have contributed to adult ways of interacting. This group meets for weekly for twelve weeks and is capped at six participants.